Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eclectic Leopard

Hello all!  Can you believe September is almost over?? Seems to be going by very fast.  Today I have for you my current mani.  

Do you want to know a secret?  When I get nail mail, I immediately catalog it in my phone app and on pinterest, and quite often do a quick swatch.  But the organization stops there.  My nail mail piles up on my table until it nearly falls off, then it gets put in a pile in a box, and then maybe one random Saturday when I am feeling bored I actually put it away in its proper place.

With that being said, when I go to do my nails I often choose from my most recent nail mail out of pure laziness.  Sometimes seeing the bottles next to each other for so long sparks my imagination.  Hence, my current mani. 

Seeing so many leopard inspired manis on Instagram, I finally decided to do one myself.  I'd never done a leopard mani before, and I was surprised how easy it was and how awesome it turned out!

First, I used 2 coats of Lilypad Lacquer Neon Ocean Lights.  I absolutely love this color!

When it comes to using a surface for plopping down a puddle of polish, I reach for the nearest junk mail I can find - catalogs tend to be the best due to their rigidity.  So next, I poured out some of OPI's A Grape Fit and used a small brush to make small squared dots on my nails

Then I used my favorite black, Revlon Parfumerie Espresso - I love it because it has a great formula, but also smells delicious!  The smell lasts for a couple days and through topcoat.  I used a dotting tool to add borders to the spots.

Then, top coat, and done!  My top coat is the quick dry by Revlon - I like it because it doesn't shrink the polish, it drys fast, and it's cheap - I actually subscribe to it through Amazon, so every 2 months I get a bottle sent right to me!

Here's the finished look with the polishes used

Lilypad Lacquer is an Australian indie and is most easily obtainable from stockist Llarowe

OPI is available so many places

Revlon is also available nearly everywhere - I got the whole Parfumerie collection at Target because they had a deal where you could spend $15 on beauty products and get $5 off, so I just did a bunch of separate orders :) 

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