Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Octo Obsession

Happy Tuesday!  Today I have for you a brand new mani and a brand new (to me) indie polish!!

First, you should know that I have a fascination with this pirate octopus that I saw on some bathroom decor in Target one day.  I just adored the idea of a pirate octopus - I very quickly bought every part of the themed collection and now my bathroom is a pirate octo paradise.

I am so obsessed with this octopus that I briefly changed my occupation on Facebook to "pirate octo", my wireless network is named "pirate octo", and I have even considered getting a tattoo of this octopus!!!  

Very deep, the obsession grows.  So one evening I was just routinely googling pirate octos, as one does, and came across Octopus Party Nail Lacquer.  I immediately fell down the google-hole and looked at every swatch I could find.  I love polish, I love octos, and they're together?!? I just had to have ALL THE POLISH!!  

And so I did.  I literally have all the polish Octopus Party Nail Lacquer has made! The creator, Dave, is super awesome and worked with me so that I could bring all the octos home!  

Of course with all that polish, I didn't know where to start with my next mani, I just knew it had to be ocean themed.  I'm not at the stage yet where I can freehand an octopus, so I used some awesome ocean life decals!

I have been really into blues lately, so I chose two polishes to make a jelly sandwich! Ink or Swim is a gorgeous, deep cerulean jelly.

The sparkle and depth comes from the beautiful icy blue and white flecked glitter, Frost Bites

Together, they made for an awesome ocean!

I added the ocean life decals into my ocean and voil√†! 

I absolutely LOVE this mani!!! I think it is my favorite of all time!!  

The wonderful Octopus Party Nail Lacquer can be found on their shop.

I picked up the decals at Sally Beauty Supply. 

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