Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Watermelon Wednesday

I know it's October now, but I still wanted to share one of my favorite summer manis with you.  I love watermelon, and seeing them in the stores piled high just screams "summer" to me.  I am still baffled about how they keep churning out seedless watermelons....

For this mani I used a Sally Hansen art pen in green, Revlon Parfumerie Espresso, Enchanted Polish November 2013, Sinful Colors San Francisco, and Wet 'n' Wild French White Creme.

I first used two coats of the Enchanted Polish.  I love this color, such a gorgeous red holo!

Like I said before, when I pour out some polish for nail art, I use the closest thing I can later throw out - in this case it was a cookie wrapper.  

First I poured out some of the Sinful Colors - this green is very pretty, one of my favorites.

I used a striper brush to paint on the rind

Then I used the Wet 'n' Wild to add the white part of the rind

 And finally time for the seeds!  Of course using my favorite black by Revlon - I added them using a dotting tool

For an extra authentic touch, I used the nail art pen to highlight the rind - this was my first time using one of these pens and it was very easy to use!  A little harder when using my non-dominant hand of course.

And here's my watermelon nails in all their glory!  

I really loved this mani, and if it wasn't October, I'd be rocking it right now!

Sally Hansen can be found everywhere - I got the art pen on clearance at Ulta for 79 cents! What a steal!

Enchanted Polish is of course harder to find, especially the older the polishes, so if you're looking for November 2013 you'll want to check Storenvy or Facebook - the July 2014 polish released is pretty much a dupe for this, and is a lot cheaper and easier to find.

Sinful Colors is generally found at Walgreens, they have a lot of awesome colors and they're cheap - and they don't discontinue colors that often, so you can pick up San Francisco right now even though the bottle I have is over 5 years old

Wet 'n' Wild of course can be found everywhere, also very inexpensively, and their white is my favorite white

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