Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mint to Be

This weekend I'm showcasing one of my most favorite polishes. A polish so precious that I had it for months before I even dared to open it!  A major lemming crushed, I stared at the bottle, admiring its beauty as I turned it over in my hands.

Finally I confessed in a Facebook group that I'd never even used this gorgeous polish because of its rarity.  I admittedly have A LOT of untried polishes, as I am sure everyone does.  Well, I finally opened the bottle and used this magnificent polish.  It did not disappoint, in fact it far exceeded my expectations, looking even more lovely on my nails than in the bottle.

Here for you I have Enchanted Polish July 2013

This polish is VHTF.  But soooo worth it if you have the chance.  Don't be like me and just let it sit on your shelf for months on end.  Use this beauty! You won't regret it!

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