Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sunburst Stare

2014 is almost over! I am excited because this year has been expecially hard on me, so hopefully 2015 will be fantastic!

Today I have a mani with two of my favorite mainstream brands, Zoya and Chanel, also featuring starburst NailVinyls!  I used Zoya Thea, which is a magical pixie dust from the winter collection, and Chanel Azure which is insanely gorgeous!  

My favorite picture of this mani is with my butterfly ring, which I've featured before, I love it!  I actually just organized all my jewelry so I can enjoy it more.

Here is Zoya Thea, it's such a beautiful purple!!

And the mani with Chanel Azure

And here they are together

I love this color combo!  I am really glad I picked up the starburst NailVinyls, they are awesome to work with and make your mani really standout!  

Zoya can be purchased here

Chanel can be purchased here as well as department stores

NailVinyls are available here

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dynamic Giraffe

Happy Holidays!  Today I have a mani featuring one of my favorite indie polish loves, Mod Lacquer.  Two new 3D scatter holo polishes were released and of course I had to get them! She had me at holo!  

This aqua green polish is called Aerodynamic.  It is gorgeous, the color is stunning and the beauty is so much more breathtaking in person!  The formula is perfect, this was nearly a one-coater!  

Now most people wouldn't look at an aqua green polish and think "giraffe", but I am nothing if not unique!  I started with a simple base of gold glitter, then used the giraffe NailVinyls that are exclusive to Different Dimension, making my giraffe dynamic.

Now I must confess that I did actually get a bit of inspiration from this awesome giraffe necklace.

Mod Lacquer is awesome and can be purchased here

The giraffe vinyls by NailVinyls are exclusive to Different Dimension, they can be found here in a duo with a leopard glitter!

My giraffe necklace is from Target and can be purchased in store (it is currently out of stock online) use their store finder to locate it

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dirty Baby

Today I have a new brand for you!  I was at my hair salon and they had a display of polish that had never been there before.  Of course I had to check it out! 

I was drawn to the glitters like a magpie and saw a baby doll head as part of the display.

My stylist said that was her favorite polish, a dark black glitter with silver microglitter aptly named "Dirty Baby".  She also told me that this new brand, Smith & Cult, is by the co-creator of Hard Candy!  I was sold on that, as well as the interesting bottles - the tops are hammered and are made to look beaten up.  And quite heavy! Luckily, the metal cap detaches from the brush itself so it doesn't interfere with using the polish.

After my appointment, I bought the polish and had to try it immediately.  It was just as gorgeous as I had hoped!  The formula was fantastic and was opaque in 2 thin coats.  I could not possibly capture the beauty in photos, but I sure tried!

Smith & Cult is 5-free, retails for $18 and can be found in salons as well as online on their site here 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Silver Cyclone

Happy Saturday!  Today I have a super fun mani for you!  I saw some new vinyls on Instagram and just had to try them myself.  They are a little different than the vinyls I am used to, but it was fun to play with new shapes!

To start, I used Zoya Trixie as my base color

Then I added some Hawaiian wave vinyls, by TwinkledT and used Glam Polish Wicca as the second color

And of course I needed more, so I used a cyclone vinyl on my thumb.  These vinyls are different because they seem to work best if you put it on your nails, paint the second color, pull off part and leave part behind. I did try separating the vinyl prior to placement and it was not working for me.  When I was selecting pics for this post, I saw that you could see the part of the vinyl left behind in the pics, however this was not the case in person. 

I really loved this mani and trying out some new vinyl shapes!

Zoya can be found here

Glam Polish is an Australian indie and can be found here as well as new US based stockist Ella Ann Cosmetics!

TwinkledT vinyls can be found here