Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sunburst Stare

2014 is almost over! I am excited because this year has been expecially hard on me, so hopefully 2015 will be fantastic!

Today I have a mani with two of my favorite mainstream brands, Zoya and Chanel, also featuring starburst NailVinyls!  I used Zoya Thea, which is a magical pixie dust from the winter collection, and Chanel Azure which is insanely gorgeous!  

My favorite picture of this mani is with my butterfly ring, which I've featured before, I love it!  I actually just organized all my jewelry so I can enjoy it more.

Here is Zoya Thea, it's such a beautiful purple!!

And the mani with Chanel Azure

And here they are together

I love this color combo!  I am really glad I picked up the starburst NailVinyls, they are awesome to work with and make your mani really standout!  

Zoya can be purchased here

Chanel can be purchased here as well as department stores

NailVinyls are available here

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