Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fun with Dry Brushing

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great weekend!  I'm getting my hair done today and that always makes me feel better!  My hair salon also carries Smith & Cult polish, and I intend to pick one up while I am there.

But of course you came for nails, and not hair, so let's get into this week's post.  I know I haven't done any art in awhile, I have been super busy, great things are happening in my life!  So I decided to try my hand at the dry brush technique - where you essentially wipe off most of the polish and give your mani a cool brush stroke abstract look.

First, the base color I chose is a gorgeous dark gray holo with purple flash, Suck it Trebek by Bear Pawlish.  I wanted it for the name alone as Celebrity Jeopardy is one of my favorite SNL skits, but the color is also amazing!

I also managed to snag a sample at the recent Elevation Polish restock, as well as one of the Wyoming collection, Cloud Peak.  The sample (WYL #12) is a glitter topper with stars, hexes, and squares in light blue and green.  Cloud Peak is a wonderful cornflower blue creme/flakie hybrid - something I have never seen before!  It seems like every indie brand released a flakie collection in the last 6 months, but Elevation combined flakies with a shimmery creme to create something truly unique! 

And of course, I utilized one of my favorite Nail Vinyl shapes, stars, for a cohesive look.  I really like how the dry brush turned out, it is definitely easy to do and a fun way to make your mani stand out!

If you're looking for a dry brush tutorial, I recommend this video, I found it very informative

Bear Pawlish can be purchased here

Elevation Polish will be restocking on the 22nd here

Nail Vinyls can be purchased here and here

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