Saturday, May 16, 2015

Barnacles Galore!

Happy Saturday everyone!  Hope your day is filled with sparkles!  

Today I have a new to me indie that I discovered via Nail Newscast.  Nail Newscast is a podcast focusing on polish of course - they talk about upcoming collections, sales, and interview indie makers.  

Thanks to their podcast from April 29th, I learned about Reverie Nail Lacquer.  I loooove glitter bombs, and so of course I had to try their polish.  

One of the polishes I ordered is called Barnacles.  It's a deep teal jelly packed with circle glitter, microglitter, microflakies, and star glitter!  It truly captures the essence of the oceans' beauty!  I used two coats on their own and the glitter payoff was fantastic - no fishing required!!  I am definitely a fan of Reverie!

Reverie Nail Lacquer can be purchased here.

Nail Newscast can be found here - they are very entertaining!