Thursday, May 28, 2015

Electric Avenue

Howdy everyone! Hope your week is going great! I can't believe May is almost over - time is sure flying these days.

I know I just posted about Octopus Party Nail Lacquer, but honestly it's my favorite indie polish.  Don't worry, I will post about another brand next time, but for those new to OPNL, this post is perfect timing.  As much as I don't want competition when I am furiously refreshing to get ALL THE POLISH, you should know that OPNL has a stunning summer collection releasing 1pm EDT on May 30.  

Thanks to a mystery prerelease on a couple of colors, I got my hands on Bermuda High, a stunning red holo that is pure perfection!

I added another recent OPNL score, Body Electric, a gorgeous warm golden holo, as well as an OPNL logo water slide decal and some Nail Vinyls to create an electrifying combo!

OPNL is available here (Yes, no polishes at the moment, but check out their Facebook page to see the summer collection!) and also on Llarowe

Nail Vinyls are available here and on Llarowe

My water slide decal came from here - she has so many great decals!


  1. I love the stripes and the two colors together. The holo finish looks so amazing.

  2. This is so dreamy! I'm currently wearing Piece of Caicos :D

  3. Wow! I didn't know Body Electric was that opaque! Great post, I love the decal. You've inspired me to pull mine out to use them! :)

  4. I honestly need this whole collection this weekend!

  5. I've been eyeballing Bermuda High since I first saw it! Gorgeous combo!

  6. Fun addition of the stripes! If that gold wasn't holo I'd be all over it. Such a great shade!