Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Purple Luminosity

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! We've made it halfway through the week.  This is my last week on hiatus, I start my new job on Monday! So excited!!  I find that my nails tend to be a great ice breaker when meeting new people, so I'm looking forward to converting more people to the indie polish world.

This week I'm featuring a double dose of my favorite color - purple!  I recently picked up Eat. Sleep. Polish. Strings of Violets which is a gorgeous lilac holo.

TwinkledT had a huge sale so I bought a near lifetime supply of vinyls and decided to use the triangle swirls with Emerald & Ash Snozzberries.

I love this look!! It was definitely eye catching and super easy to do thanks to the vinyls.  This was my first time trying Emerald & Ash - I'd heard from pretty much everyone that their cuticle oils are amazing, and they are absolutely fantastic! I picked up 3 oils along with my polishes and I'm hooked - they absorb so fast and smell divine!  

Emerald & Ash is currently on hiatus until mid-July, but can be purchased here when they reopen.

Eat. Sleep. Polish. can be purchased here

TwinkledT vinyls are available here - make sure to check them out on Instagram for tutorials and discount codes!


  1. Gorgeous color! I love the monochromatic stamping too!

    1. Thanks! I actually used vinyls, have not yet tried my hand at stamping :)

  2. I love eat.sleep.polish! It's an awesome brand!

  3. Beautiful colours! I'm not sure how I haven't seen the triangle swirls yet, but they're really cool!

  4. Lovely purple holo and the nail art is really pretty!

  5. Ahh, I love purple- and I love the Emerald & Ash glitter you put on top. Great nail art!

  6. Gorgeous colours! Good luck on your first day :)

  7. Gorgeous colours! Good luck on your first day :)