Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back to Reality

Hello!  The hiatus is over!!  I passed both of my exams and am loving my new job!  Especially love that I can keep my nails fun and still be in dress code.  Anyhow, to make it up to you, I did some fun art!!

I hadn't been able to do much in the way of art due to time constraints and stress, but of course my acquiring polish didn't stop!  I managed to snag CrowsToes Last Light, A Box Indied exclusive from a month or so ago, it is a gorgeous purple with blue shimmer.

I also had picked up some embellishments at Kmart awhile back, so I finally decided to use them.

I combined the silver studs with a gorgeous Girly Bits glitter, Islands in the Sun.  The teal really compliments that blue flash in the CrowsToes.

This mani was super fun and really helped remind me why I love nail art, and it pushed me back into the swing of blogging again.

CrowsToes can be purchased here, if you're looking for Last Light you can try the secondary market.

Girly Bits is a Canadian indie and can be purchased here and here

My heart ring is from Amazon


  1. Crowstoes is one of my fav brands!

  2. Im pretty new to Crowstoes, but I already love

  3. Crowstoes is one of my fav brands!

  4. I love that Girly Bits polish! The entire look is fantastic!!

  5. I haven't ever tried Crowtoes before but this looks like a polish I would love to wear.

  6. I love those studs! This is an awesome mani!