Sunday, July 12, 2015

Holo Hugs

Howdy everyone!  Sorry for not posting in so long, but life has kept me busy!  I passed my Series 7 exam and have just one more test to go until I am fully licensed!! I never thought I'd end up in the financial world, but sometimes life takes you in unexpected directions.  

Anyhow, I thought I'd post some quick pics for you of Enchanted Polish Entwined - it was a preorder polish from a month or so ago, and it is gorgeous!!  It's easy to pick up on the secondary market right now, and there's no telling of course whether or not it'll be restocked and/or sent to other stockists.  Enchanted is very mysterious on that topic.  

I knew from the preview swatches that I would love this polish and in person it is even more beautiful! A deep berry scattered holo with a green flash, it is very reminiscent of Enchanted's 2am Summer Nights.  I added holo butterfly decals from TwinkledT to make my mani even more distracting lol.  

I love this polish, I am considering grabbing a back up, but will probably wait and see if it ends up being restocked or stocked elsewhere.  Looking forward to getting back to blogging regularly soon - I have some fun art planned for next week!

Enchanted Polish can be purchased here, there are some older colors here and of course the secondary market is your friend for Enchanted.

TwinkledT vinyls and decals can be purchased here - they also have charms, jewelry, and fun glitter!