Monday, August 31, 2015


Hello everyone! I can't believe it is September already, time sure flew by this summer.  This week marks my 1 year blogiversary!  

About 2 1/2 years ago, I was introduced to the indie polish world, and I have been obsessed ever since.  1 year ago, I decided to start my blog and Instagram.  I thought I was too late to make an impact in the vast nail community.  I have learned that there is room for everyone, and that my strange ideas have become sort of a trademark.

Hence, this post! A weird mind like mine sees a green glitter bomb holo, Glam Polish Polar Lights to be exact...

...and then says, "hey, why not add a maroon creme with red shimmer?" So that's what I did, using nail vinyls from TwinkledT, I added Dance Legend Cruciatus. And also rhinestones, because, SHINY!

It has been a great year, and I am so thankful for all the support and joy that the polish world has given me.  I can't wait to see what happens next!

Glam Polish is an Australian indie that releases new collections way too fast lol, I have so many on my ISO - you can buy them here, and also here

Dance Legend is a Russian brand, you can purchase them here and here

TwinkledT vinyls are so fun and available here

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Achieving Gradient-ness

It's mani Monday, and I've got some spectacular art to show you!  Really easy art that you can do with minimal effort!

I recently joined a custom polish group on Facebook - which is incredibly dangerous for my wallet. BUT! The gorgeous polishes have thus far been incredible and well worth it.  The first custom I received was from Fair Maiden, a dark periwinkle holo called Aloha Nights.

Another indie I love, Different Dimension, recently had an awesome sale and I snagged a gorgeous orchid holo, Whatever 2.0  I decided to mix the two into a stunning gradient!!  And you know I had to add rhinestones because why not!

Doing a gradient looks hard, but it's not.  You just need some cosmetic sponges/wedges (I grabbed a pack at the dollar store) and some Elmer's glue - I keep mine in an empty polish bottle so I can apply the glue easier.  
Now I could try to get into the specifics, but really I decided to do this after seeing Nichole of Bedlam Beauty's fantastic tutorial video! It's really as easy as it looks, and it's pretty fool proof!!  Watch it HERE!

The custom polish group is pretty awesome, if you want more details or are interested in joining, please contact me and I can get you more info!

Fair Maiden is quickly becoming another obsession of mine, they can be purchased here

Different Dimension always makes gorgeous polishes, they can be purchased here

Nichole's blog is awesome and will give you serious nail envy! Check her out here

My octopus, Ophelia, is from Creepy Kawaii, a Kickstarter I backed a few months ago - the store will be opening soon here

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shore Thing

TGIT!!! One day closer to Friday!  My favorite part of the weekend is sleeping in, I could sleep all day. I am really excited about this post because instead of blogging about HTF or long ago released polishes, I am going to show you THREE, yes THREE gorgeous polishes that you can preorder tomorrow!!  I know that for some of us, our polish budgets were blown August 1, but if you can swing it, these three beauties are certainly worth your hard earned money.
Of course, it would be Octopus Party Nail Lacquer.  My number one favorite indie polish, hands down.  I am forever on a no or low buy, with the one exclusion being OPNL.

First up, a sort of Throwback Thursday, I give you Shore Fire.  This is a previously released and coveted polish that has made a surprise return!  It's notoriously impossible to accurately photograph, a pink and green multichrome dream, I now have two bottles of this polish because it is so amazing!

 Next up, a brand new OPNL, Go Deep.  Go Deep is an amazing dark blue linear holo, it dances on your nails.  I have been staring at it for two days, wondering what to add to embellish it or make it better, but it doesn't need anything! It is perfect all on its own!

Last, but certainly not least, here is Under the Siege.  An insanely gorgeous turquoise holo, it is blindingly beautiful.  I decided to pair it with Picture Polish Paris, using vinyls by TwinkledT.  You can see that it's so holo it freaked my camera out a bit.

If you've heard of OPNL and have wondered exactly how to get this elusive polish, it is your lucky day!  Tomorrow, August 7, from 11am-2pm Eastern Time, you can preorder all three of these beauties here.  Trust, you need OPNL in your life right now!!

Picture Polish is available here

TwinkledT vinyls are available here

My octopus ring is by nOir Jewelry - it is no longer available but they have lots of cute rings here