Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sparkle Sprinkles

Hey everyone! I have something super exciting for you today!!  Spoiler alert: it's glitter!  Of course it's glitter, I can never get enough!

I am lucky enough to be working with Holochondriac Polish (which is a rebrand of Liquid Afterglow Lacquer) and I am happy to share the beauty as well as the message with you today.  Holochondriac Polish has a purpose behind the polish - a very serious one.  We all know life isn't always sparkles and glitter.  We go through the ups and downs of life, some of us with extra challenges like mental illness.  Mental illness has effected me and my family, and I was so pleased that Holochondriac is bringing more awareness to this issue with gorgeous polishes!  In fact, her first collection is centered around awareness, with a different colored polish for each affliction's representative color.  A portion of the proceeds goes to charity.

I don't have my hands on the new collection yet, BUT I have two gorgeous toppers to show you today!  The first is Sparkle Sauce, a stunning multicolored glitter topper, two coats easily distracted and entertained me as I watching the glitter shine from every angle.

The other topper, Mania, is an incredible glitter bomb full of pastel purple, pink, green and blue circle glitters, as well as royal purple microglitter!  If you haven't noticed by now, I am a purple lover!  This topper is one from my dreams!  Two coats over a lilac base did the trick. As much as I hated to cover it up, I did want to give you some nail art with this mani, so I added Zoya Dahlia with some starburst nail vinyls to outline the gorgeous glitter.  

Holochondriac Polish can be purchased here, be sure to follow her on Instagram for coupon codes and gorgeous swatches!

*Disclosure* These polishes were provided to me at a blogger discount

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Hey everyone! Sorry for the long break, work has been super busy!  But I am back with some super easy breezy nail art for you!  Today I have a couple polishes I have been meaning to show you.  They are from the Elevation Polish / Girly Bits duo from back in July.  I am slowly getting through my untried polishes except I keep getting more new ones and well, it's a vicious, sparkly circle!

Elevation's part in this duo is a gorgeous light brown holo with black flecks, called Arashiyama.  I'm not a huge fan of neutral polishes, more the bright and shiny in your face colors, but this one is perfect as a neutral that's not boring.  

Because I can't help myself, I added some right angle vinyls and added more of the Girly Bits contribution, a super sparkly micro glitter semi-textured holo called BamBoom! I found that it gives off the negative space vibe with a little something extra

This was a limited edition duo, so it's no longer available from Elevation or Girly Bits, but you can probably snag one or both polishes on the aftermarket.