Thursday, September 1, 2016

It's been a long time

OMG.  You know how you get busy and then you say, "oh tomorrow I will do ____." And then tomorrow never comes.  And then it's two months later and you're like "oh shit!"  My poor blog left all alone to fend for itself!!  It's ok, I'm back and have some neat stuff for you.  Consider this my throwback Thursday.  Here's some weird manis that for some reason did not get put on instagram.  Just those ones I only took one pic of and then forgot about and now here we are!  

To kick us off, since it is Thermal Thursday, here is Octopus Party Nail Lacquer's Disco Tech, topped with Fancy Gloss's black thermal top coat.  Yeah, I am the kind of person who saw the amazing neon glitter rave on my nails and decided it needed more.

For a palette cleanser, here is one of my long time lemmings, Chanel Django.  My friends and family will understand the meaning behind this polish.  A gorgeous milky neutral, appropriate in even the most conservative of workplaces.

But..... you think I would just leave a pretty neutral polish all on it's own?? Think again!  This is me, I overdose on glitter for breakfast!  So, I grabbed some giraffe vinyls, as one does, and added CrowsToes Betelgeuse!  This shifty glitter crashed in waves on my neutral Chanel shores.

I love sparkles so much that I have a hard time using a matte top coat.  It just feels wrong somehow.  But, every now and then I bite the bullet, knowing that my regular top coat will bring the sparkles to life again!  Here is Glam Polish's Baby Got Back, mattefied.

Last, but certainly not least, I bring you the delightfully named Don't Be A Shady Beach from Different Dimension.  A gorgeous juicy pink, perfect for the transition from summer to fall, packed with speckles of black - it almost reminds me of watermelon.

There you have it, it's like we never were apart!  I won't abandon you again, little blog of mine!  

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer is seriously the best thing on earth. Get it here

Fancy Gloss is addictive, so watch out!  Get it here

Chanel is timeless, get it here or any high end department store.

CrowsToes is about to have a preorder, stalk the shop here

Glam Polish is another dangerous one, it feels like there's a new collection every other day.  Start or add to your collection here and set aside a few helmer drawers, you're gonna need them!

Different Dimension is a long time indie love, and the polishes are even more beautiful in real life!  Snatch some here

TwinkledT makes giraffe vinyls, among so many other shapes and animals and oh my!  Get some sass in your mani here