Monday, March 20, 2017

Marching Into Spring

Or is it summer?  It is 90 degrees here already in the desert, we don't really have a spring time to speak of.  I'm glad the sun is back and it's time for some bright colors!  Not that I ever stick to ridiculous societal norms like season appropriate colors, or any real conventions.  More is more!  Bright, shiny, glittery, in your face.  That's my personality and it's reflected in my nails.

So welcome to Spring!  And to another round of yes, my absolute favorite indie polish of all time, Octopus Party Nail Lacquer.  Warning: you may become addicted.

The main focus here is Cribbage and The Horse, a gorgeous yellow with iridescent dark turquoise flakies and a subtle pink shimmer.  The kind of polish that rewards those who take a second look.  This polish is limited edition, and I suggest you get it NOW! Of course I added rhinestones and beads as is my style, but this polish is also great on its own.

You can purchase Cribbage and The Horse as well as some other awesome spring colors here

The blue accent polish is Octopus Prime, a group custom for OPNL fans, you can join the OctoSquad here


  1. you have OPNL that I don't. I am suddenly jealous.

  2. Love that nail art--the accent nail looks kinda like an octopus, or like seaweed!

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